Jaime Ekkens is a director and motion graphics artist living in Brooklyn. Having received a BFA from Kendall Collage of Art and Design, she moved to New York City and successfully pursued her MFA in Computer Arts at The School of Visual Arts.

Ekkens has been a freelance animator, video editor, associate producer for post-production, special effects supervisor and gallery assistant.  She has worked in 3D animation, film distribution, public relations and public access television.  Other noteworthy internships include VH1’s On-Air Graphics department and Venture Brothers.  She has worked as an Animation Curator and Motion Graphics artist for Big Screen Plaza, an arts venue in Chelsea. Student films have previously won a Gold District Level and two Silver Regional Level Addy Awards, and Top Honors at Festival of the Arts Film and Video competition.

She works freelance in motion graphics in addition to independent filmmaking.


One thought on “Director

  1. Thank you for this video. I saw it listed on the New Media Film Festival site and looked you up. My step-daughter is an aspiring artist with Asberger’s and autism. I know this is going to truly appreciate this film.

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